Hey this is my page. I write and arrange a lot of music. I'm a music student at Consumes River College and mid Intermediate Pianist. I've been play Clarinet for 8 years (as of Jan 2009) and piano 6 (as of Jan 2009). I do play a bit of guitar as I've been playing it on and off for a year (as of Jan 2009). I am a studio musician, and I have released one album and a few singles (see below). When I play my own comps and arranges I play Jazz style (two hands playing chords) which combined with modern rock make a sound you have never heard before.

Now I'm Working on my own Frontman Track pack. This will have plenty of Jazz and Rock Songs. If you want to help PM me at the Forums.

Songs by me you can download now:
The Squeaker, Garrett McPherson G
Folk Melody, Garrett McPherson G
Song of Time A
Pipe World A

Albums you can download by me
Classical Christmas Jams

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