Changing Menu Music

~Tutorial by Frizkie~

When you first load up Frontman, you might be disappointed by the simple talking in the menu. You might want something like the other real Guitar Hero games. I threw a few OGG's together of original GH songs. I'm pretty sure that you have to own GH1 and GH3 due to legal stuff. The songs are:

Love of my Life - GH1
Guitar Hero - GH1
When You Were Young - GH3

First, download this file:

Menu Background

More background music (Ripped from GH Disc) (Thanks to Mr. Bigglesworth)

More Music

I would rename the file to something else, that corresponds to the actual music, like Guitar Hero Mix. Whatever you prefer, though.

Open your GZ2 folder, then go into resources, then sounds. Find the 'background' folder. The one file can be deleted, or just add the new one. All the files in this folder are background music - so every time you navigate a menu one will be randomly picked. If you want both the senseless chatter and my compilation, just add the downloaded file to the background folder. Else, just delete that one because there's another copy of it in the main FM folder. (The same folder that Resources is in) Run FM. Viola!

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