Hello and welcome to my little slice of FM real estate. I'd like to use this space to introduce myself, and all of my projects I get a chance to write about (Completed, WIP, and floating around in my head).

About Me

By day I'm a Sales and Marketing Product Specialist/Engineer. I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Acoustics. I work for a company that manufactures Industrial Automation products (if you think of a factory that makes stuff, cars for example, I make stuff that make up those assembly lines). Anybody that has an idea what kind of stuff that might be, I work for a company that sells Proximity Switches, custom Cordsets, and Network products. I won't bore you with more, if you're curious let me know and I'll talk your ear off (or type your eyes off, whatever…) My job responsibilities include creating marketing materials such as: brochures, fliers, catalogs, websites, instruction manuals. I also work with customers in a direct support position, both technical support and general product selection support. I also conduct trainings and every once in a while I find an opportunity to do some programming. Most recently I completed the first phase of an embedded program to run on a PocketPC that we'll sell to customers with a special CF card. The program was written in eVC++, and I've never done C++ before (closest was a little Java in college) so it was a bear to learn on the fly.

By night I'm a husband to my wife and father to my 3 children. My daughter turned 3 on Christmas Eve, my first son turned 1 this September, and my second son was born on election day. Around the house I am the onsite handyman, gardener, cook, medic, plumber, electrician, and auto mechanic. I love to learn new things, and its hard to believe but I think being a "Jack of All Trades" is genetic. I like to tinker with just about everything electrical or mechanical. My greatest mechanical accomplishment would be last year I did a complete rebuild on the engine in my Saturn SL2 (complete meaning I had the pistons out of the block). I'm very cheap, so any way I can get away with saving a buck I usually do it, even if it takes me more time to do. I'm very much addicted to Craigslist (CS)…many many good things have I gotten from there.

As far as my gaming side goes, I would consider myself a light gamer. I started out with an Atari back in the day, until I was able to upgrade to an NES. I got a Game Boy (which I still have the original by the way, and for the longest time I only had 1 game "Bart Simpson: Escape from Camp Deadly"). Those two things had to tide me over until high school when I purchased an N64 when I started working. I played a lot of SNES at my friends house, but never got one myself. The N64 was what I had until one of my ex's mother got me a PS2 while I was in college. That is what I have today, along with an XBox I was given at some point. I play a lot of NES, SNES, and Genesis emulators, along with 4 DVD's worth of Arcade MAME games that I hope to turn into a cabinet one day (see Non-GZ2 Dreamt Up Projects). I really have never done any hardcore gaming, so you'll never see me have a "Gaming Rig". I should also mention that I have been playing "Ultrastar" (Singstar clone) and "Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm" lately.

I read a few comics, so you may find some inside jokes from them stemming from me. I currently am religiously reading (in order of favorites): Dilbert, xkcd, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Achewood, and just recently Penny Arcade and Least I Could Do.

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