derelict68-GZ2 Completed Projects

I may expand out some of these explanations at some point, but for now a short sentence will be enough.

Modswitcher - I run GZ2 from my media center, which means I only have a remote available to me and no keyboard or file manager. I also really enjoy all the Mods that people do and commonly change the mod everytime I play. I created a VB6 app that will look in a folder in your GZ2 directory, list out all the folders there as seperate mods, give you a preview of the menu music and the main menu background, allow you to choose a mod, it will copy the necessary files to GZ2 and launch guitarstar. It's designed to be used from a remote, but I've also added a few things in to make it useful for MAME cabinets as well for those that have a mouse but no keyboard or remote. I have also expanded this to include some simple config.xml editting and stage selection, but nobody seemed all that excited over it so this project has all but stopped except for the features I've wanted for myself.

Super Mario Guitarz Mod - My first mod I embarked on. Thought I'd choose an easy subject matter that would have plenty of resources and many images I could just grab screenies from an emulator. I also copped out a lot on this mod because most of the menu's were just the main menu screen from the game. I did this to save me some time and I was after all just trying to get a feel for this "modding" stuff. From this stemmed a few requests for the game, a few bugs for the game, a FAQ for mods going through every aspect, got me started in simple 3D modeling for new notes, and created a tutorial detailing Milkshape3D to GZ2. I might expand this if requested, however I never got any comments on it so I didn't bother.

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