Dethklok - Dethalbum

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1. "Murmaider"
2. "Go into the Water
3. "Awaken"
4. "Bloodrocuted
5. "Go Forth and Die"
6. "Fansong"
7. "Better Metal Snake"
8. "The Lost Vikings"
9. "Thunderhorse" (Not Included because of GH 2)
10. "Briefcase Full of Guts"
11. "Birthday Dethday"
13. "Castratikron"
14. "Face Fisted"
15. "Dethharmonic"
16. "Deththeme"

1. "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle"
2. "Blood Ocean"
3. "Murdertrain a Comin'"
4. "Pickles Intro"
5. "Kill You" (Snakes n' Barrels cover)
6. "Hatredy"
7. "Dethklok Gets in Tune"

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