Hey everyone, welcome to my Frontman Wiki personal page. Here's the place where I'm going to post my progress on my projects, as well as anything else I feel like!

Who is Frizkie?
I'm a freshman in high school who lives in California. My life is basically computers, friends, and girls. *Giggle* WTF I GIGGLED. Anyways, that's me. I've ALWAYS loved Guitar Hero. I own Guitar Hero I, II, and III. I'm hopefully gonna save up enough money to preorder/buy GH:WT. God I hope so. Drums FTW!

Why are you here?
I'm here to celebrate the existence of the greatest game ever conceived in the history of the universe itself; Guitar Hero.

Are you any good?

HELLZ YEAH! I PWN UR FACE WIT m3h l337 sp33|< and GH and GZ sk1llz!

But seriously, I've been playing GH for over 3 years. I rape. Period. Not in a completely obsessed way like iamchris4life, but… good.

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