Guitar Hero III Mod by tracker22 & JD2504



(Stand-alone version just extract and play)

Old versions…
Version 2.0 Full (for GZ Beta 5a Update2)
Mirror by bob78h:
Mirror Badongo:

Version 1.0

Update: Version 1.5 (just the changed files, for usersof the 1.0v)

Version 1.5 full (files of the v1.0 and 1.5)

Version 1.7 full (files of the v1.0-1.5-1.7)

Version 1.7 Update (just the changed files, for usersof the 1.5v)

Version 1.7 Compartibility file for Guitar Zero Beta5a(menus.xml):

chek this out… just put the Mu link on the server and the page will generate a premium link

Customize your GH3 Mod!

Yeah, you have a few options for change your GH3 mod as you wish.

* Background Songs: All the GH3 Background songs, do you hate Paint It Black? che it out here:
* Stage Pack: Do you want a change of GH3 Stage? here you have several ones:
* GH3 Fretboards: All the fretboards are located Here:


Version 1.0

-Main Menu Created
-Speed Menu Created
-Pause Menu Created
-Options Menu-Created
-Configurate Keys Menu-Created
-Texts: Menu,Pause, Multiplayer, Select Speed, Options, = all complete :D-Created
-Select Difficult Menu-Created
-Multiplayer Difficult-Created
-Song Section on Training-Created

Version 1.5
-Scoremeter (changed thanks jd2504 )
-"Starpower Listo" to "Starpower Ready" (changed thanks txf )
-Training selection on the main menu (fixed, included on the v1.5 thanks hulkhaugen )
-Fretboard (Changed fretboard/fretboard_starpowe thanks txf )
-Fix the Input Options menu (fixed, thanks stranxk )
-Detailed Breakdown, extend (fixed)
-Multiplayer mode, selec mode text (cropped) (fixed, thanks hulkhaugen )
-Difficult text changed (thanks fude )

Version 1.7
-Added more realistic GH3 Notes (thanks fatdog)
-Fixed "TextSpeed.png" (thanks hulkhaugen)
-Added a new Bluestar.png and NotetrailSpark.png (thanks hulkhaugen)
-Added more realistic Fretbuttons (thanks reverent/jd2504)
-A new notetrail (thanks chemiklero, hulkhaugen)
-New TextMultiplayerMode.png special for the Beta 4a (thx hulkhaugen)
-Added a new GH3 BoardSide (thanks jd2504)
-Added all the GH3 sounds (thanks jd2504)
-Added a new background music: The Rolling Stones- Paint It Black

Version 2.0
-New flames and notetrails (thanks jd2504) Go to post
-New glows (by Hulkhaugen) Go to post
-multiplayertrackmenus finished (thanks Hulkhaugen) Go to post
-Practice part menu (by Tracker22) fixed (by Hulkhaugen) Go to post
-Multiplayer Mode:Select Difficult menu created (by Tracker22) and fixed (by shiekodaburndsandz) Go to post
-Newspaper reedited ;)
-DefaultLabel, SetlistSelection, SongDetailInfoBar created
-New Stars.png
-Text_InputPlayerSelection fixed (by Hulkhaugen)
-Text_Main fixed (by Hulkhaugen)
-Text_Options fixed (by Hulkhaugen)
-New TrainingComplete Scene (by Hulkhaugen)
-Improved, fixed and cleaned menus.xml file
-A lot of updates more xD

Version 3.0
-Updated to GZ2 beta 6.1
-Improved setlist
-better meters
-added animated 2d stage
-changed hopo notes
-improved graphics (particles and stuff)
-some other fixes


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