Frontman Changelog

25/12/07 - Beta 1 Update 1
- Rudimentary fix for SP bug
- Raised minimum VS and PS Shader profile to 2.0

26/12/07 - Beta 1 Update 2
- Fixed an error accessing multiplayer mode
- Fixed "back" button on xbox controller causing game to exit
- (Hopefully) fixed crash in setlist when pressing "down" too often

28/12/07 - Beta 1 Update 3
- Updated to FMOD 4.10.03
- Reworked sound system, hopefully reducing problems…
- Added global Audio/Delay option to config.xml. The time (in ms) which is configured here is added to the delay configured for an individual song
- Added support for the SYNCHADJUST tag in .dat files.
CHECK: Due to me lacking an example, it might be implemented just the wrong way round (i.e. notes start earlier instead of later and vice versa.) Someone please verify…
- Improved loading of .dat files (thanks to insanehardhead)
- Added a global exception handler for more readable exception messages.

29/12/07 - Beta 1 Update 4
- Exchanged default XNA Icon with a custom one (thanks dreakon!)
- Reversed SYNCHADJUST tag semantics (thanks iancer)
- Stopping menu background sound when launching multiplayer mode (thanks insanehardhead)
- Only showing supported difficulties for a song in multiplayer mode (thanks dreakon)
- Fixed multiplayer results not being shown after a match ends
- Enabled starpower usage during multiplayer
- Fixed a crash when a song does not contain any supported difficulties at all
- Now checking if notes.mid & song.ini are present in a FoF song directory (thanks reverend)
- Added a preliminary option in config.xml to control the name of the player, which is stored into the highscore list
- Fixed Pro Face Off mode doing the same as Face Off (uhh…)
- Added a pause menu during multiplayer games
- Added possibility to hold strum up/down button in setlist to perform faster scrolling (thanks reverend)
- Fixed strange characters in song names crashing GZ
- Added Dreakon to the credits scene for providing content
- Added a reference to the forum in the credits scene for all the beta testing efforts of you guys

05/01/08 - Beta 1 Update 4a
- Fixed a silly bug that prevented the beta from starting for most people

15/01/08 - Beta 2
- Made menus moddable using menus.xml (thanks skizot)
- Made .png images moddable
- Now displaying section performance correctly in the "more stats" window (thanks mentalpreouts)
- Only showing difficulties that are actually supported by a song for .dat files (thanks skizot)
- Fixed an error when .dat files have empty lines at the end
- (Hopefully) fixed access to "more stats" menu for some people. You may need to delete your config.xml for this to take effect.
- Fixed Folders with invalid characters crashing the songlist (thanks fatdog)
- Fixed possible DivideByZeroException when completing training mode (thanks dreakon)

18/01/08 - Beta 2 Update 1
- Fixed menu overlays not working properly (thanks Skizot)
- Fixed Multiplayer End Scene still trying to load non-moddable "Stars.xnb" (thanks fatdog)
- Fixed <SongList>Folders</SongList> in config.xml crashing the game (thanks dreakon)
- Fixed notes in Multiplayer not being properly aligned on the fretboard after playing singleplayer (thanks fatdog)
- Fixed some songs in multiplayer pro face off not displaying any notes at all (thanks fatdog)
- Fixed multiplayer face-off meter needle going way too far to one side or the other
- Optimized default setlist layout to most people's way of organizing files (i.e. Songs\GH 1\Stage 1\…).
You can revert to the old setlist layout (previously <SongList>List</SongList>) by specifying (<SongList>SingleList</SongList>) in config.xml
- Fixed multiplayer difficulty selection behaving oddly after playing the first song
- (Hopefully) fixed or at least reduced INVALID_HANDLE exceptions
- Included possibility to display a background video (don't expect any performance from that, though - it's simply to satisfy some people's curiosity). In config.xml, set Stage to "Video" to enable this feature.

26/01/08 - Beta 3
- Ported the game to use XNA Version 2
- Added FretboarsStarpower.png, which replaces Fretboard.png while Starpower is active (thanks jd)
- Added endlessly repeating setlist background (SetlistBackground.png) (thanks for the doodles, txf)
- Added very basic "Whammy Bar" support. This will be expanded during the next updates.
- Fixed training mode crashing at the end (thanks flipsk8r1409)
- Fixed score multipliers not being displayed correctly when starpower is active
- Sorting songlist by song title (thanks reverend/request list)
- Deprecated <SongList>SingleList</SongList> (i.e. that option is no longer supported)
- Increased scrolling speed for long setlist when wrapping around (thanks reverend/request list)
- Added "ErrorScene" to the list of moddable menues (you need to delete your menus.xml for this to take effect)

26/01/08 - Beta 3 - Update 1
- Now also playing rhythm.ogg in addition to guitar.ogg and song.ogg
- Removed "Unlimited Starpower" debug code
- Removed check regarding song length due to popular demand
- Fixed Soopah.Xna.Input.dll still relying on XNA 1
- Fixed some background sounds not being disabled correctly when entering the pause menu
- (Hopefully) fixed "mechanic" sound for some people at the beginning of a song

02/02/08 - Beta 3 - Update 2
- Fixed possible divide-by-zero at the end of singleplayer (thanks fatdog)
- Fixed training mode stuttering
- Added a third image row to FretButtons.png, which is displayed when a note is hit.
- Fixed a few bugs regarding the songlist (song title length, folders) and difficulty selection

17/02/08 - Beta 4
- Added support for songs from .chart files
- Using images for most menu texts, instead of native fonts (see Text_*.png)
- Text for the above-mentioned menus can now be freely positioned using the menus.xml file. Modders will have to adapt their mods accordingly.
- Using environment mapping for the ingame notes
- Not rotating regular notes anymore
- Enabled Z Buffer while drawing the note models
- Fixed bug where preview in the training mode's song section selection would play the wrong song part (thanks fude)
- Fixed "Save Changes" option being off the screen during input configuration
- Slightly reduced the volume of menuforward.wav, menuback.wav and menumove.wav
- Tried lowering the requirements to shader 1.1
- Option <HyperSpeed>true</HyperSpeed> in config.xml now enables hyperspeed on all difficulty levels

18/02/08 - Beta 4 - Update 1
- Now showing song sections for .chart files as well
- Fixed chords being parsed as HOPOs in some .chart files (thanks darthslaw)
- Enabled default lightning for custom note models (thanks flipsk8r1409)
- Fixed possible crash when loading a .chart file (thanks gearofwarowns)
- Fixed delay in song.ini not working anymore (thanks fude)
- Fixed multiplier not changing after starpower is completed until a note is hit (thanks esc0rtd3w)
- Fixed notes disappearing partially

24/02/08 - Beta 4 - Update 2
- Added native support for X-Box 360 Controllers (choose "X-Box Controller" in input configuration)
- Fixed missing MusicStream tag in .chart files causing a crash
- Fixed ERR_MEMORY for some songs during song preview
- Offset in .chart files is now interpreted as seconds
- Ensuring synchronization of songs to 10ms
- Fixed notes still rotating during transition to starpower
- Fixed a bug when loading the game on a 64bit machine
- Reduced volume of bass/rhythm tracks

15/03/08 - Beta 4 - Update 3
- Added Coop Multiplayer
- Fixed a crash on starting the game when no appropriate Managed DirectInput libraries are available
- Fixed training mode showing the end statistics immediately after song start
- Reduced number of initially allocated sound channels to 8, hopefully reducing sound problems for some people
- Now locating tracks in .mid files based on the track name
- Grouping less notes to chords during .mid loading
- Improved highscore loading on the setlist, hopefully reducing crashes for some people
- Fixed crash when showing an error message that contains non-english characters
- Only playing one of the background song tracks, if rhythm.ogg and song.ogg are the same file

15/03/08 - Beta 4 - Update 4
- Fixed a few coop-related bugs reported by darthslaw
- Fixed difficulty being shown as a letter

15/03/08 - Beta 4 - Update 4a
- Further reduced the time between notes before they are reduced to chords in .mid files
- Fixed slow down in training mode not working
- Fixed highscore saving
- Fixed guitar track being muted completely on missed notes

24/03/08 - Beta 5
- Added separate lefty modes for both players in multiplayer (thanks to delirious1980, who actually sponsored that feature!)
- Made multiplayer track selection and multiplayer difficulty selection moddable (Note that you can use different texts for each player)
- Now allowing to play the 2nd coop track (i.e. bass or rhythm) during training mode
- You can now position the individual texts of the highscore window using menus.xml
- Many improvements to the coop track selection (i.e. "Bass" or "Rhythm")
- Made timing a bit more lenient to allow notes to be hit easier
- Improved detection of tracks in midi files
- Now using the song section information to play a song's chorus during song preview
- Fixed HOPOs not working after sustained notes (thanks fatdog)
- Starpower phrases cannot be completed anymore, if they have been started while starpower is active (thanks txf)
- Now calculating starpower usage closer to the way GH does it
- Updated precision of crowd clapping during starpower
- Added experimental version of an audible whammy effect, based on a pitch shift filter. At the moment, this is only implemented for singleplayer and only enabled for songs with multiple tracks.
- Added support for analogue whammy input (untested due to lack of working USB adapter)
- Ignoring gamepad buttons during input configuration, if they were pressed when the game started. This should fix problems for people whose controller always reports a few buttons as "down".
- Changed the way the default background is handled during menu transitions

25/03/08 - Beta 5 Update 1
- Fixed several sound-system related crashes & bugs
- Fixed a bug when loading coop songs that do not contain a separate guitar track
- Fixed a possible exception at the end of a Face Off game
- Fixed VSYNC=off making the game unbelievable slow for some people
- Fixed a bug that caused the menu background sound to play during a song (thanks fude)
- Improved beat-lines when using .dat files (they might still be slightly off in some places) (thanks darthslaw)

12/04/08 - Beta 5 Update 2
- Now using a texture for the beat guidelines (BeatGuideline.png)
- Added support for "Year"-tags in .dat, .mid and .chart files
- Visual overhaul of the whole setlist
- Added support for "label.png" for tiers and folders (if the one in the folder can't be found, the next-higher one is chosen)
- Added tag "SortSetlistBy" in config.xml to control setlist sorting. Possible values are "Title", "Artist" and "Directory".
- Some fonts have been renamed - Modders, please check this in case your mod doesn't use its expected font anymore

15/04/08 - Beta 5 Update 3
- Added option "AlwaysAskForSpecificSongDifficulty" to config.xml which forces the game to ask again for a difficulty level after selecting a song (BTW: The game also does this automatically, when your previously selected difficulty isn't available for a song)
- Now also looking for "label.png" recursively in parent folders
- Fixed missing sounds in multiplayer difficulty selection menu
- Fixed SetlistSelection.png becoming transparent during menu transition
- Fixed name displayed on the highscore screen being too short
- Fixed a bug that caused multiplayer games to finish early
- Fixed track selection in training mode not working after returning from a song
- Fixed menu background sound playing after choosing "restart" after training mode
- Added support for "genre" tag in .chart, .mid and .dat files
- Allowing setlist sorting by year and genre in config.xml
- Changed hopo treshold to an 8th note
- Allowing the player name to be changed on the highscore screen

15/04/08 - Beta 5 Update 4
- Made the sound during setlist scrolling less anoying by introducing a maximum repeat frequency
- Adapted the way stars are calculated for coop songs
- Made default hopo threshold an 12th note + 10%
- Added support for the "8th_note" tag in song.ini (when loading .mid files)
- Added support for the "hopo_note" tag in song.ini, .chart and .dat files. The tag sets the hopo treshold. For example, hopo_note=8 sets the hopo threshold to an 8th note.

26/04/08 - Beta 5 Update 4a
- Changed "8th_note" to "eighthnote_hopo". Thanks to all the lazy people who did NOT upload a single .ini to test with. And a real "thanks" to iancer, who discovered the bug and finally uploaded a test file.

14/06/08 - Beta 6
- Added support for "*" events in .chart files
- Added support for GuitarStream and BassStream tags in .chart files
- Made the rock meter increments / decrements much closer to GH3 (thus the game became more difficult!)
- Added support for alpha transparency in note models(thanks fatdog)
- Moved "Starpower Ready" message slightly so it's not blocking view on the fretboard so much
- Crowd is now clapping in sync with measures
- Fretboard is now blinking red if the player is near to failing
- Added a directory from which background music is loaded dynamically
- Songlist now remembers user's selection, even through multiple folders and after going back to another menu
- Added support for custom resolutions (see config.xml)
- Stages and mods now have to state for which resolution they were designed. For positions (x,y), they can now also use "real values" (i.e. x=500, y=200).
- Fixed a bug with the video stage when ending a song
- Added support for an animated 2D stage (see stage2d.xml)
- Improved support for analogue whammy's with X-Box 360 controllers
- Now looking for "Stage.avi" or "Stage.wmv" recursively from the song's directory to the general song directory. If no Stage.avi is found there, the file is searched in resources\videos. If it not there either, the static 2d image stage is used.
- The last two features were kindly sponsored by "elgordo123". He is also the reason that you're already receiving this version, so please say "thank you" to him!!

29/06/08 - Beta 6 Update 1
- Fixed .chart loading mixing up the guitar/song track (and generally behaving weirdly)
- Fixed StarpowerActivated-Trigger in stage.xml not working correctly
- Fixed meters in multiplayer being displaced on resolutions other than 800x600
- Fixed 2D stage not working during multiplayer game
- Fixed "resolution" field in stage2d.xml being named wrongly
- Renamed "Trigger" to "trigger", "StageDefinition" to "stage" in stage2d.xml (-> all stage2d.xml files have to be updated!)
- Fixed "looping" property in stage2d.xml not working properly
- Added solo progress display, similar to Rock Band (can be disabled in config.xml)
- Added new action to stage2d.xml <action xsi:type="StopAnimation"><actor>Guitar1</actor><priority>3</priority></action> that will stop any animations with priority >= N on the given actor.
- Added new trigger <trigger xsi:type="StarpowerDeactivated"></trigger> to stage2d.xml. This is the counterpart to the StarpowerActivated trigger.
- Disabled mipmapping when loading stage animations

19/06/08 - Beta 6 Update 2
- Automatically setting GZ process priority to "above normal"
- Added support for playing "drums.ogg"
- Now trying to determine solo sections using solo_on / solo_off events first. If this fails, solo sections are still determined using song sections that contain the word "solo".
- Added Starpower Meter
- Fixed background of "More Stats" menu not being centered
- Whammying a sustained starpower note now yields additional starpower
- Reduced the size of the "forward note window" when playing HOPOs (from 100ms to 60ms). The "strumming note window" is unaffected by this change.
- Fixed songs in training mode sometimes displaying no available difficulties
- Now saving the last 5 highscores per difficulty level in scores.xml
- How showing "special" stars in the setlist for songs that have been FC'ed (stars.png has to be adapted for mods).
- Slightly increased speed of whammy bar trails

03/08/08 - Beta 6 Update 3
- Added missing stars.png file to update
- Fixed solo detection not working in GH1 songs

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