Inserting Solos

~Tutorial by Frizkie~

The game Rock Band introduced something not seen before; solos. The fretboard turns blue, and displays the percentage of notes hit in the solo so far. Frontman has been optimized to perform the same thing.

You will need:

  • FeedBack Chart Editor (FB 0.97 Beta: Direct Download)
  • A song already fretted (for this tutorial, I'll be using my song, Teacher's Pet by School of Rock.)
  • Some solo sensing skillz.

First, open up your FeedBack Editor folder, and open the 'Songs' Folder.

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If you just downloaded it, there will be an existing folder, which you can delete. In this folder, place the three most important parts of your song; the song.ogg, the guitar.ogg, and the chart.

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Open the FeedBack Editor. If it's your first time, pick your language. (All of the FeedBack Editor is controlled by the arrow keys, the enter button, and escape.) Now, go to the exact note that you would like the solo to start at. Press 'W'. A box will appear. Type in 'solo_on'.

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The same thing will appear below, but don't click on it. Just type 'solo_on' into the box and hit enter. Move to the end of your solo. If you would like a note to be included in a solo, make sure you have navigated PAST the note. If the marker is right on the note, it will not be included in the solo. Do the same as above, but instead of typing 'solo_on', type in 'solo_off'.

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Press enter. Press 'S' to save. The chart in the 'Songs' folder will be replaced with the new one. Viola! Solo magic.

There also is an alternate method to this. Using the key 'R' when in FeedBack opens a menu for naming song sections. This can also be used to denote solos; any song section with the word solo in it will be a solo.

If you convert a CHART to a MIDI, sometimes information like Track Events (like solo_on and solo_off) and even Track Sections can disappear.

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