Melonman's Jams

Copied from the forum topic:
I was going to wait until Frontman came back to get this out there, but I'm not sure when that will be. Anyways, I went and updated most of my songs (in one way or another) and have a few new ones for everyone to try. Instead of releasing the songs as singles, I uploaded them in the form of a 4 tier setlist (mainly because I'm going to throw these to FoF forums too). Even if you have played the older songs before, I suggest nabbing this for the updated versions.

I'll eventually get around to uploading newer vids (with co-op if applicable), but for now just check out my youtube account for older vids (and newer ones as I get them up). If anyone wants to donate a co-op vid (or single if no co-op is avaliable), lemme know.

All charts are expert only.

  • = Rhythm/Bass charting

** = Rhythm/Bass charting and separated audio

Melonman's Jams

Tier 1 - Mild Jam Session

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Especially in Mischigan* - Vid
Melonman67 - Joob (Separated audio w/ charts) - Vid
Melonman67 - Sarah's Song (Tyrian Cover)* - Vid
Zakk Wylde - Sold My Soul
Melonman67 - Zagh's OP**
Encore: Motoi Sakuraba - Mission into Deep Space (Star Ocean 3 Version)

Tier 2 - Trip to the Music Store

Koji Sakurai - Fierce Battle - Vid
Casiopea vs. T-square - Fightman*
Melonman67 - Hoot** - Vid
Melonman67 - Newester (Just a separated guitar track, no bass) - Vid
S.S.H. - Dr. Wiliy Stage 1 (MM2)*
Encore: Molly Hatchet - Fall of the Peacemakers

Tier 3 - Rockin' With the Lights Out

S.S.H. - Big Blue (USS Version)*
Melonman67 - Buddydoke (Just a separated guitar track, no bass) - Vid
Melonman67 - Cool Beans*
S.S.H. - The Decisive Battle*
Omnium Gatherum - Into Sea
Encore: Children of Bodom - Silent Night, Bodom Night - Vid

Tier 4 - Party at Mark's Place

Into Eternity - Absolution of the Soul (Originally charted by Xalthos with a little help from me)
Children of Bodom - Children of Decadence*
Apocalyptica - Hall of the Mountain King*
Steve Vai - I'm the Hell Outta Here - Vid
Machinae Supremacy - Sidology Episode 3: Apex Ultima*
Encore: Melonman67 & Zaghurim - Quest for Peace (Tyrian Cover)* - Vid

Final Song??: Comes with tier 4…Lemme know if you pass it :) - Vid

Anyways, I hope you guys have fun playing these songs. If there's any problems or concerns, let me know. Of course, all comments are welcome.

PS: I'll eventually change the links in the wiki to this topic or something and phase the old versions out. So for now, just don't bother dling em since the setlist versions are (for the most part) better.

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