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Hello everyone,well,i wanna see if someone want to colaborate with a project i have,i want to make a pack about video games(how original…)but i like to have a tier for each one of this consoles:

Play Station 1-PSX
Play Station 2-PS2
Game Cube
Play Station 3-PS3
Xbox 360

And For The Bonus Tracks:
Any song that isn't included in the tiers(because there's no space or there isn't a tier for it-game boy,genesis,NES,etc)

I want 5 songs for each tier(4 songs & 1 encore)
All the song in Expert,and if it is possible,that the original song isn't on guitar,but you have a remix that does have it,i prefer the second one,if someone of you have the song but don't have the time or the skill to fret,then send me the song and i will do it,my mail is moc.liamtoh|edalbyek_eht_fo_nesoohc#moc.liamtoh|edalbyek_eht_fo_nesoohc

Check the "Game Generations Setlist",I have passed all the information of the songs there

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