Rock Band 2 Mod by JD2504

This mod is another replica mod. I tried to keep as true to the game as possible. Once FM has drums implemented, I'm sure this mod will need to be updated. Until that time….enjoy!


Non-Flash Pics
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Video Credit: RandyF1n3

For those having issues with the songs directory, open config.xml with notepad and replace this:
<SongDirectory>D:\Archivos de programa\GZ Beta 6 - Update 1\Songs</SongDirectory>

with this:

Derelict68's Interview of JD2504

derelict68: You always seem to have a major role in creating replica mods, what is your motivation to copy existing games?
JD2504: Well, mostly because I am a pc gamer and games like rockband are console exclusive, but also because in FM I can have songs from all guitar games.

derelict68: Do you create these mods from scratch, or do you primarily use rips from game discs?
JD2504: Rips are hard to get but if i can get some rips i will make the mod from them [see aerosmtih mod]. If i cant get rips i take high quality screenshots and edit.

derelict68: You make an avatar claim that "You can do EVERYTHING with Photoshop". How have you learned to do EVERYTHING, and the real question is….can you back that up?
JD2504: hehe, when i say "you" i mean all of us. Photoshop its an amazing tool with lots of capabilities, I am still learning how to use it. Even with only basic skills you can do great things on it.

derelict68: And what is the easiest thing to learn in photoshop that somebody who doesn't know better goes "WTF?! How'd you do that?!?!"?
JD2504: hmm… I think it would be applying transparencies.

derelict68: And finally….are you a Guitar Hero, Guitar Zero, or a Guitar Queero?
JD2504: The forum says I'm a Guitar God. hahaha

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