Simpsons Mod by esc0rtd3w

Join Homer and the gang as they try to rock their way to the top in this mod. Everything you'd expect from a Simpsons mod is here, except Homer does not say "D'oh!" every time you miss a noteā€¦.that'd just be a little over the top annoying.



hulkhaugen - started the original Simpsons Mod which esc0rtd3w used as a base
fatdog - created the notes

Unfinished Parts

Rock Meter - Meant to be a TV that goes fuzzy the worse you do, and could use the antenna as an arrow. As you can see in the screenshot, it doesn't quite work.

Results Screen - Text is not formatted into correct spots in the results screen.

Score meter - Nothing has been done here

Fret buttons - Need something a bit better

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