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Many people have said that they would love to help with stuff, but sometimes they just don't know what they can do, or what people need help with. I thought it might be a start to just have a page that everybody can edit to add and subtract tasks. Not really sure what the best format was going to be, so I just created a simple table. If you have questions about the task please contact the contact listed, however if you know what needs to be done you just need help doing it, please contact any other contributor, or post in the Help section of the forum. Please start the thread name with "Wiki:" so that everybody knows what the topic will be about.

Please read the following page before deciding to help. Failure to do so could result in…something.


Project Page Task Contact
RB Drum Notes Create drum notes from RB* callisto
Animated Menus Create animated files(test in XNA) derelict68
Tabs in Setlist Create Graphics for Callisto to implement tabs derelict68
Songs Complete Licensed Songs for use in game release callisto
  • Might have already been done, but nothing was posted about it.

Wiki Tasks

Project Page Task Contact
Tribal Stylish Add Mod to wiki stranxk
Unnamed Mods Add Mod to wiki stranxk
S Mod Add Mod to wiki stranxk
Code Geass Mod Add Mod to wiki stranxk
Halo Mod Add Mod to wiki stranxk
Guitar Reggae Mod Add Mod to wiki Thominhas?
Muse Mod Add Mod to wiki alexz345?
VT100 Mod Add Mod to wiki ??
Milkshape3D Notes Tutorial Add tut to wiki derelict68
Perfect Texts for Mods rewrite(maybe) and post on wiki stranxk


Project Page Task Contact
combine stages tuts into single tut ALiV3?, elgordo123?, jd2504?
combine font tutorials into single tut jd504?, hulkhaugen?


Project Page Task Contact
GuitarZ: Practice Session! Help write tutorials, record guitar parts, voice-overs, etc. derelict68
Frontman: Take Control of the Band Need help to create songs that have yet to be started (expert tabbing please) CJB100


Project Page Task Contact

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