To Do List Rules

So I started to write rules on how to use the To Do list, however it got to be too long and overpowered the actual list. If you are not reading this and do something against the rules, prepare to be flamed. You've been warned…on a page you didn't read.

Game Rules
Post back in the thread that it was discussed if anything was done. Note anything for the requests threads unless asked for by callisto may or may not be increase the chances of the request being implemented, but it would definately give it a greater chance.

Mods Posted in Wiki rules
All mods posted must work "out of the box" with the latest GZ Beta and Update. When a new update occurs that effects mods, all mods will be removed from the navbar. Only mods that have been successfully updated are allowed to be re-linked. If you are going to be adding mods from the list below, any contact with a "?" at the end means I'm not sure if you can get a hold of them. It may be best to send a quick PM to them just to make sure they are ok with the move. Any names without "?" have already been contacted and approval given. If you know a mod is not up to scratch but don't know how to fix it, repost it on this list under the "Mod" section and have "update mod to latest beta" as the "Task".

If has not been posted on the forum at all yet for people to comment on, please post any finished tutorials in the tutorials section. Request that all comments be made within a timeframe before tutorial gets moved to the wiki. Standard timeframe is 1 week, but it is at the author's disgression.

This list was not meant to be a songs request list, but more if somebody is working on a song pack and is requesting help, this would be acceptable. Perhaps a song requests page could be implemented in the future if the community feels this would be helpful.

Post any help you've given to a mod in the original WIP mod thread or directly to the contact requesting help. If the mod is to be posted on the wiki, see the previous Mods being posted to the Wiki rules.

If you've read this far, mucho kudos to you. Would you like a cookie?

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