GuitarZ Toolkit 2.7 by esc0rtd3w
Compatible only wit GuitarZero 2.6

- Added support for Halo Mod (stranxk), and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Mod (jd2504), with supplied modpack.
- Expanded the controller configuration.
- Added PS2 Kramer Guitar to controller presets. (thanks fude!)

NOTE: ALL mods are the most current and have been updated to work with BETA 6.

v2.7 + MOD PACK

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RB2GZ Converter by iancer

Here is a utility iancer wrote to hold us over until GZ2 fully supports RB mids…
100% SP All Difficulties/Co-op!
100% Face-Off Sections All Difficulties!

Mids must be no deeper than one level (eg. RB2GZ2/SONG1/NOTES.MID, RB2GZ2/SONG2/NOTES.MID,…)

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Graphic Mod-Switcher by derelict68

Onto the app, just install it into the root directory of GZ2, a folder is created named "Mods", and put all ofyour mods in seperate folders within that folder. The default mod is already there. Each mod folder must have a single folder in it named "Resources". So the app will display a list of the mods you have, when you select one and hit "Enter" it will copy the resources directory from your mods folder to the root folder and launch GuitarStar.exe. If you change your mind and want out, then just hit "Esc".

Known Issues:
B. In the windowed versions, it will crash if you try to resize it down to smaller than the text in the list box. In order to align text I had to do some funky "add the correct number of spaces" and there is no error handling when it gets small.

Possible Updates (definately not in order of priority):
B. Instead of standard highlight, change color of mod title
D. Better Icon
E. Talk Callisto into creating the functionality in game so as to obsolete this app
F. Transparent listbox so I could make the menu preview full screen.

Good luck!

Full Screen - Download

Windowed - Download

Lite Version - No Images or Sounds - Frozen at current revision

Full Screen - Download

Windowed - Download

Version History
Version 2.X.X.X - Added Preview picture of menu, along with plays menu background music

Version 1.X.X.X - Initial Release, Simple List of available Mods

Version X.4.X.X - Found that some mods (e.g. Rock Band) rely on the "default" sounds for things like starpower, however if you play a mod like "Halo" which changes the starpower sound to a gunshot, if you go back to play the "Rock Band" mod, the starpower will be a gunshot still, because it itself doesn't have a "Starpower" sound to go with it. Remedied by installing the Default Mod, and before copying the chose mods files, it erases what is there, copies the default mod files, then copies the chose mod files over the top. Also, if you play 2.4.X.X, instead of the loading text, you will now see the loading screen of the chosen mod.

Version X.2.X.X - Centered available mod list to make it more pleasing

Version X.X.X.0 - Full Screen
Version X.X.X.1 - Windowed

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chart2dat converter by Astroman

Latest Version:

This converter is written in Java. It was originally written by astroman, and I am making modifications to it.

If you're having trouble converting a chart, open and save it in the latest version of Feedback (currently 0.94b). If it still doesn't work, post the chart here and I'll see what I can do about it. Remember that if I can't replicate the problem, I can't fix it, either. Thanks.

You can download the converter at one of the links below (click on the green date corresponding to the release you want to download):

Latest Release:


* Fixed a small logic error during a tempo scan procedure.
* The converter should now correctly handle charts that have empty sections.
* Added several try/catch blocks to print exception messages. This will allow for better debugging, and it will allow the converter to continue the conversion process, rather than stopping at the error point.

Previous Releases:


* Star power lengths should now be correctly calculated. I forgot to scale the length calculations in the previous version.
* The converter will now ignore occurences of track events. Previously, the converter would stop working when it tried to parse an event, therefore resulting in an incomplete dat file.
* A confirmation dialog will pop up when the converter has successfully converted the chart file. If you do not see this dialog, then a problem may have occurred while converting.
* The <CLICKS> tag value is now printed as an integer, not a double. This corrected a parsing error that would occur in the Guitar Zero 2 betas but not in the original Guitar Zero.
* If the sync offset is 0, the converter will no longer print "-0.0" to the dat for the <SYNCHADJUST> tag value.
* Fixed so only a single newline is printed at the end of the dat file. Though this is no longer an issue with the latest Guitar Zero 2 betas, it was a simple fix, so I did it.
* Charts with a resolution (clicks per beat) other than 192 will now correctly convert.
* Default value for the clicks per beat textbox is now 480, the Guitar Zero standard value.
* Internal update: For the notes/starpower sections of the chart, the converter now passes each line to a parsing function, which populates a string array. Spaces denote the separation of the values. The casual user should not notice any difference in the operation of this converter; please report if you do.


* Conversion of all difficulties and not just expert (fixed "issues" from last version)
* Corrected note length calculation (gave problems on songs that had large tempo changes in them)
* Ability to customize the number of clicks per beat (see readme for detailed information)
* Additional customization of song path


* Correct differentiation of star power phrase markers from face-off phrase markers.
* Artist and track names obtained from .chart file; text boxes for manual entry removed
* Synch adjust obtained from .chart file; user can overwrite by entering a nonzero value in the textbox.
* Song folder determined by the format "<artist> - <track>" (e.g. /SONGS/custom/U2 - Vertigo/song.dat)
* Convert all difficulties (some "issues")

Ideas for future versions:

* Ability to convert different parts in the song (i.e. bass parts) or perhaps reroute what goes to each difficulty
* Some kind of config or settings saving.
* Improve how the converter decides what info to put in the song.dat "header" (.ogg paths, etc)
* A better interface/window for checking general song info (track, artist names, etc)

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