Wiki HowTo

In this section we will describe some very common elements to understand when trying to add, edit, or use this Wiki. Please feel free to ask questions and when we get asked a question we'll try to include it in here so that nobody has to ask twice.

Q. How do I add a new page?
A. Browse to*YOUR_PAGE_NAME*. It will take you to a page that will say that this page does not exist, do you wish to create it? Yes, it will give you a blank page…go to town.

Q. How do I edit the top bar so I can add my new page?
A. Browse to Edit like any other page. Follow existing content for how to add your new page.

Q. I tried to do something, but something seems wrong. The background is all white, the text is white, the ____ doesn't look right. How do I change it?
A. It may have something to do with the theme/template of the wiki itself. Contact derelict68 for help with changing the theme to make your page look correct.

Q. How do I do something that is not described here?
A. A really good method is to look at existing pages and click on "edit". Nothing will change if you don't save it, so feel free to poke around and see what makes the other pages tick and it might give you a better idea how to do what you would like. If that doesn't get you to where you'd like to be: Ask a Moderator, another contributor or

Q. Do you have any RSS feeds available so I can know when changes happen?
A. Yes! We have many RSS feeds available that will help you customize just how connected you wish to be.

RSS Feed of All Site Changes

RSS Feed of New RSS Feeds
RSS Feed for Tutorials
RSS Feed for Mods
RSS Feed for Member Pages
RSS Feed for Song Packs


Download a single OPML file which you can upload and install all feeds at once: Download

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